Private pilot licence (aircraft) with almost worldwide validity, is for those who wish to fly for fun as a hobby without any previous experience, but also for those who want to become a professional pilot in the future or for those who want to do other professional ratings and qualifications.

Entry requirements 

Applicant for PPL(A) must be at least 17 years old (the training can be start earlier).

PPL rights

The holder of PPL(A) may perform the function of pilot in command or second pilot in airplane or TMG in any non-commercial operations.


  • 100 hours of theoretical training
  • 45 flight hours including 10 solo (PIC) hours under supervision of experienced flight instructor.

Training syllabus

  • Training starts with 100 hours of theoretical knowledge to learn the basic aviation knowledge.
  • After 50 hours of theoretical knowledge the student starts with flying lesson with instructor.
  • After finishing the entire theoretical knowledge course the student would pass the theoretical exam (CZ CAA in Prague) and the student has to pass theoretical exam for Radio-operator at Czech telecommunication Burou.
  • When is the student ready, he/she will start flying solo under supervision of experienced flight instructor. Students learn how to navigate using aeronautical chart. The training continues until is the student rady for the final exam (skill test).
  • After successful skill test the student is issued with Private Pilot License and he/she can fly him/her-self.