Czech Republic

Civil Aviation Authority Czech Republic         

  • – practical information and services about civil aviation – registers, forms, manuals, regulations, etc.


AIP Czech Republic 

  • – this web page contains all parts of the current AIP of Czech Republic. It is also possible to register for a free mail distribution of a change service.


AIS view – Czech Republic      

  •  – this web page contains an overview about restricted and prohibited spaces, TMA, CTR, airports in Czech Republic. The map can be zoomed and can be seen in different backgrounds and weather layers.


NOTAMS Czech Republic      

  • – On this map of Czech Republic is a display of all airports. Airports displayed red are with valid issued NOTAM.  Red marks can be opened and the current NOTAM will be shown. The web page is updated every hour.


METARs and TAFs ČR         

  • – on this web page, you can find overview of METARs for several airports in Czech Republic.




VFR manual Czech Republic          

  • – In the VFR manual for Czech Republic, you can find information and regulations for VFR flying including airport and tracking information, as well as AIP supplements. 


Activation of airspaces Czech Republic    

  • – AUP (Airspace Use Plan) – activated airspaces in Czech Republic. This survey is issued at 14.00 UTC every day and its validation is through 06.00 UTC  the next day. The survey UUP (Updated Use Plan) is also available and is ssued throughout the day.


Airport Praha –

Airport Brno –

Airport Ostrava –

Airport Karlovy Vary –

WEB cams

  •  – web page providing real-time views of the weather through webcams located in several locations throughout the Czech Republic.