The aerobatic course is designed for aviation enthusiasts, who want to experience „adrenaline“ flying and for those, who want to learn advanced piloting. Many of airline pilots are acrobats and some of them even won several championship medals in our country and abroad. Pilots will learn during the course for example: loops, rolls, spins, upside down flights and will join these items into a aerobatic display.

Entry requirements

Applicant must hold PPL(A) licence with at least 40 hours as a Pilot in Command.


  • 10 hours of theory and
  • 5 hours of flying.

Training syllabus

  • Training stars with theoretical training, where the student is taught necesery theoretical knowledge.
  • After theory the student starts flying with the instructor.
  • When the student is ready, he/she will do assessment of competence. If the student needs mire time, he/she continues with the solo flights until is ready.
  • After the completion of the training the student will be issued a certificate, on which basis the CAA will issue Acro qualification to his/her licence.